Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Representation of Ethnicity In Sadaam

1. Identify The Name of the Ethnic Group
Arab, Middle Eastern, Asia, Iraqi
NOT coloured or black

2. Binary Oposition/ Commutation Test
Look for binary oposites western, secular, wealth etc
Apply the commutation test how would it be portrayed if it were about Thais

3. Brainstorm the Stereotye
violent terrorist
religious fantaticism/ fundamentalist
backwords, non scientific/ rational
Paritriachal, misoggynist, women invisible
non cauacasian skin pigmentation

4. Evidence from the Text

Accent-nationality though they all speek english breaking versimilitude
C lothing- head covered robes
Uncovered western on phone and pair not wholely covered in background
Military Uniform- changes from loss of power
Head Scarf- emotionally closed inhuman
Boy naked- poverty
Gender-lack of women on street, sadam tough woman cries the only woman we hear speek
pverty- car wrecks shatered window president using pay phone contrat with Samira's room
Religion- little countertypical
Terrosit- No evidence
Violent- Americans are
CLass- male servant

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