Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The first working tilte film

My Beautiful Laundrett

Made April 1985
Working Title
Thatchers London
Gay ex skinhead in love with a Pakistanani
Low budget
No famouse stars
Not stereotypically british
Working class characters central
No us perception
Stephen Frears
Tim Bevan
Hanif Kahnfiski
Oscar Nominated
Bafta Nominated
Evening british standard film award
Special ditintion Award
Danial Day Lewis now a star can sell more
Stephen Fears 34 wins 41 nominations
Noises weird in trails frambuctious juicy richly entertasining
Funnier British comedy dark humour american’s like
Poster,s Trailers, TV
Unusual so selling point
Gay love
Frambunctious, Juicly, Entertainiing
DVD, TV not available in 1985
Sleves bad lots of text Daniel day lewises name, homosexuality not shown image polysemic

Film research

Richard atenborough
Eisabeth and picture polysemic
No massive stares
Not much text
Colourfull so typical in this sense
No tag line
Red Haired Protaganist
For film younger woman TV odler careased my man stereotypical
Woman on film in armour
48 teaser posters
Unknown lead Cate Blanchet Unkown Indian Director
Posters tough female character Helen Miron boob tube = male gaze
Teaser close ups soley on Blachett

Hides homersexual highlights comedy brave race issue
Trailer exaggerated bubling day glo not social rialism

Based on book sold different to uk and us
Co produced WT, Studio Cana & Little Bird
A conglomerate form 1 of the big 6 67% owned by universal
Homogenisation = same throughout the world conglomerates can’t cope
Distributed by Miramax Films
$26m budget T is England only $1.5m
$72m takeings cross over appeal
Used virgin atlantic make our butt look big
If miram
Bodyshop 282 stores
Coul receive texts from birdget
BBC ran singletons night
Audio Book
No artist details Americans owuldn’t know
US reshuffle soundtrack for audience
Either rz on own or between male co leads rz American so important
Ironic sexism ladish touch
UK dvd all about fame
US dvd all about Christmas
Cannot block from youtube

auteur theory = the director is the author
Not many female directors
Marketing BJD- tie insost/music videos fanproduced media/ user generated content
Tie Ins- offers and competitionsnromally disributer but WT do it BJD not include $10m spent on setting up tie in campaigns virgin atlantic
OST-official soundtrack cd
Hybrid genre- the rom com is designed to appeal to both men and women
Richard Dyer- we don’t just consume the fictional character but the actor as well

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Camera Work in Merlin

The camerwork is used in many way’s to convey meaining. Firstly we see a high angle point of view shot of the people as we begin with the conflict, shield and sowrd falling on the ground to signify that this is of low status and framing the floor to fill the flame to signify the fear the characters are facing. The close up on the shields signify that it is a competition. The fight is conveyed in a 2 shot and medium shot because that is where the action is the camera changes angle round the fight to signify that it is fast and huffly. The angle is not low angle to signify that this is normal for the times it signifies it is set in. However there is a low angle medium shot on the villain as he comes away from the fight to signify he is feared the framing of flags infront of the frame connotes that we are hiding as if a fly on the wall or he is that fearfull. There is a shot reverse shot of him and the protaganist talking using medium and low angle to signify emotion and fear. The camera zoom out on the medium shot of the protaganist and the f to signify that they are reduced as he is given the armour a non stereotypical manly trait yet the desperser is stereotypical as he is in charge. We then see a lthe camera pan through the special effects to signify these as significance and the entertain the audience by making them prominent within the frame. The protaganist on the bed is flimed in a long shot the camera panning signifies he is the protaganist and gives the production a film like quality. We see a low angle on the old man to signify he is in power but to get there we see a cut of the camera panning speediliy to signify the protaganist must not be doing what he is. The camerawork convey’s the youth as laxy and the elderly as wise and inpower stereotypically. We see a high angle shot on the castle to signify wealth and to draw significance to the expensive parts of the production. We see a shot reverse shot over the shoulder of the conversation between the princsess and the villain the King is framed next to her to signify his power a stereotypical manly trait the rection of the princsess to the villains flirting is also stereotypical however countertypically to use the commutation test she is stood alone signified she is in power by her dress and confrontationoinally talks to the characters. So the audience keep interest we see a cut out medium shot to get the desperser’s reaction to signify this signioficance and a cut out when he is talking to the viallain to signify a conflict of love a stereotypical relationship involving stereotypical men. The two shot of the princsess and the peasant is framed so that one is taller than the other signifying one has more power yet it uses it to signify she is also important in the narrative. We see a high angle in the courtyard again to show the setting and create versamilitude in the extra’s. The store room is also conveyed with the set in the foreground blured to signify something lurking and the eriness. The camera uses close up of his face to signify his fear at the time. As wee see the snake we also zoom in as the character would to convey the characters perspective. We then see a two shot of the villain pointing his sowrd at the protaganaist it is a medium shot to signify he is feels small. The characters walks away from the camera to a long shot to signify again he feels minute in comparison a countertypical manly trait could signify he is homersexual. We resolve this sequence in the way the conflict begun with the close up of shields to further signify the conflict and to signify that it is not resolved despite this new equilibrium