Monday, 30 November 2009

Mise en Scene In Merlin

The mise en scene helps to tell the narrative. Firstly the shields being put up signify that this is set in the past, involves violence and pride in some way a stereotypical manly trait. We see scruffily dressed dirty people next to brightly dressed clean people signifying the binary opposite rich and poor. The man is wearing a crown and is on a throne signifying a king while the woman is stereotypically second to the man on a lower chair signifying a high rank lady. The fighters are dressed in armour, outside and surrounded by a wooden stand signifying this is set in the past. The colours of the tents and rich person’s costumes seem too bright this creates bad versamilitude as it is set in the past where bright dies would never have been available but it signifies that this drama is not supposed to be a record of actual events more a made up universe the preferred reading of the text. We see a large castle and set signifying that this production is big budget. The filming of the villain signifies he’s a villain by the use of hidden camera behind the flags signifying fear from the audiences perspective. The beginning scene is a miserable grey day but light which signifies a tainted reality the use of kitchen sink lighting here also signifies normality despite aspects of the mise en scene being exaggerated. The protagonists house is dirty and uses bland colours signifying poverty and the past, although given the time this is signified in the preferred reading signifies relative wealth. The protaganiost is laid on bed a stereotypical view of youthful men is using the commutation test the old man would have been on bed the audience would signify illness or death. The old man’s hair and robes is unrealistic so creates bad versamilitude but agaian signifies that he is a mysterios character his aged face and hair signify wisdom. Despite his age and poverty he is empowered in the scene juxtaposed next to the peasant stood next to the lady this shows how stereotypically the text portrays views on gender within the same social class. The hut has candles signifying night time and warmth and friendliness so does the castle. While outside the castle the lighting is more blue signifying coldness and spookiness. The special effects and dialoge of “magic” anchor the meaning that this setting is magical. The soldiers outside the castle and peasants create verisimilitude. Stereotypically the producer has decided to have men cuing up for the lady yet ignoring the poorer lady signifies by there dress. The next seen uses dark lighting to connote eriness the snake a signifier of evil.

Editing In Merlin

We see a range of editing techniques to evoke the proffered reading of the text. Firstly we see short takes to signify the scene is an action scene. They use audio bridges of the music and sound effects to connote this is the same scene. The take at them end of the scene where the protagonist is left with the armoury is left long so the audience have time to connote the proffered reading that he dislikes this It also juxtaposes the next scene which in comparison uses lots of action with the special effect of the magical cleaning. There is no audio bridge here because we have changed scene the editing creates bad versamilitude in the way it doesn’t show realistic time though it is chronological it cuts out time from him being at the tournament to him in bed this keeps audience interest. The special effects of the cleaning signify that this is a big budget production. We then ut time once more to him the courtyard then. In the castle we see shot reverse shot to see peoples actions and reactions we see a cut out show of arther to see him looking on a stereotypical male trate of jealousy. There is a match on action of him walking in the store room. Tension is signified by the use of long takes juxtaposed next to the short takes of the fight after. It also exaggerates how counter typical the protagonist is as a male in his non admirable dropping of the armour and how stereotypical the other character is. The fight uses lots of short takes to signify huflled action with audio bridges to relate the sound effects to the scene. We often cut out and cut back into the action using this narrative enigma creates tension and entices the audience into the scene.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Sound In Merlin

Sound is portrayed in many ways in Merlin. We begin with clashes a clasps of the fight this sound effect creates versamilitude. Men fighting is an aspect of the Male Stereotype. The music at this point is tense to signify to the audience that this is a gripping moment. We also hear shouting and cheering a primitive form of communication another aspect of the male audience as they mainly are. The only female in thwe audience is stereotypically dressed revealingly and seems to have little intrest in the fight wich is stereotypical. Next we hear diconcerning music as the men argue to signify tension and apprehension. One is stood infront of the other connoting he is in charge. The women in the castle are surrounded by men signifying male dominance the wealthier dressed woman signified from her eloboratye has a voice compared to the scruffily dressed woman signifying a peasant. They usethis binary opposition to signify the wealth divides therefore the time it was set. The wealthier woman speeks more flirtatiously therefore is more stereotypical than the other this representation signifies why she is confronted with a cue of men her stereotypicalness signifies that she therefore can have more than the counterstereotypical woman. The bells signify old fashioned perhaps in the past a stereotypical view of Britain which signifies this drama is made to sell to a wide audience. The sound effects such as the birds create versamilitude. The room the prtaganist enters is given ery music to signify something isn’t quite right we hear snake sound as wee see the snake the music becomes more ery to signify the snake is the causal of the badness. The shocking clash of the villains sorwd is used to frighten the audience. His clumsiness as he walks out the room rather than fighting back is countertypical. As we see the protaganist on his bed while the work is done round him chirpier more comical music is played to signify a happier moment in the text. The portrayal of the older male hasd long white hair which signifies mysteriosness the dialogue provides exposition that he is wise a stearoetypical view of age in the male gender. While the young male is lazy. As we see the next character heroic music is played to signify what he is about to do will be a stereotypical attitude to men. The fight music is fast to create tension but as we see other shots the music stops and instead we hear the crowds reaction to split up the seen and entise the audience in.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Warp X

· Warp Films a sister company of Warp Records is the parent conglomerate while warp x is the subsidiary
· Madman Entertainment announced "a collaboration" with Warp Films#
· Warp Films was set up in 1999
· Warp X originally started as a branch out of Warp Records about 6-7 years ago in 2001
· My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117,
· Dead Man's Shoes £16,000 Paddy Considine won "Best British Actor" at the 2005 Empire Awards, beating, amongst others, Simon Pegg for Shaun of the Dead and Daniel Craig for Layer Cake
· This Is England Budget £1,500,000 Opening Weekend $18,430 (USA) (1 Screen) shows didn’t get the preferred reading of the film £207,676 (UK)) (62 Screens
· Come To Daddy peaked 36 in the singles chart
· Windowlicker music video Scummy Man Budget £60,000 ,
· "Grow Your Own" Opening Weekend £27,765,
· Donkey Punch Budget $3,000,000, Opening Weekend $4,744 (USA) (2 Screens) £144,953 (UK) 155 Screens) SEK 119,650 (Sweden) (9 Screens) Most of the budget would have gone on the Boat. The actors were most likely unheard of before, so they cost little. Which means the acting may have been sour, etc.unusually large budget ]
· The Taxidermist Budget £22,000
· Hush Budget £1,000,000
· Dog Altogether,
· All Tomorrow's Parties
· All Tomorrow's People
· A Complete History of My Sexual Failures
· Funded by UK Film Council Lottery, Optimum Releasing, Film 4, Screen Yorkshire, EM Media Budgets are usually between £400,000 - £800,000
· UKFC said "The New Cinema Fund is fundamentally about finding, nurturing and bringing on new and emerging talent to British audiences. This years Cannes has selected Andrea Arnold's debut feature film Red Road to be shown In main Competition on the heels of her Oscar®-winning short film Wasp which we supported through our Cinema Extreme shorts programme. Warp X has all the tools in place to continue to deliver unique British film talent
· A low budget film. No big American or Global actors or film crew. No special effects (Although not needed in This is England). The location is local to the company.
· The US film audience are very into British History/Culture. This may be one of the reasons why This Is England is much more successful in America than most British films, because the film is about British Culture. Also, Cultural films (aka Social Diversity Films) aren't huge or made alot in America, due to the Big 6 with their almighty 'Run, Gun and Explosion' (I made that up) films.
· Website includes trailers, job opportunities, information about them
· Warp films website includes playlists, news, events, releases, records, films, events, bleep, explore facebook and myspace page
· Small contains mainly short films and music videos, language is british, websites have to contain information because they’re not widely known.
· Amy Neil, Chris Morris, Aphex Twin, Chris Morris, China Moo, Shane Meadows;Paddy Considine

Warp Films:
1. Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee (2009)
2. The Taxidermist (2009) .
3. Four Lions (2009)
4. Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo (2008)
5. Crack Willow (2008)
6. "Fur TV" (2008)
7. The Archivist (2008)
8. Exhibit A (2007)
9. Dog Altogether (2007)
10. Grow Your Own (2007)
11. Dog's Mercury (2006)
12. This Is England (2006)
13. Scummy Man (2006)
14. Rubber Johnny (2005)
15. Dead Man's Shoes (2004)
16. My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 (2002)
Warp X:
1. Bunny and the Bull (2009)
2. She, a Chinese (2009)
3. All Tomorrow's Parties (2009)
4. Hush (2009)
5. Donkey Punch (2008)
6. A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008)
A low budget film. No big American or Global actors or film crew. No special effects (Although not needed in This is England). The location is local to the company.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Unpicking Semiotics

Mise En Scene
whats in the frame

Audio Briges
Diagetic or Non Diagetic Music
Off scene sound
Music type

Camera Angles
Type of shot long, close up two, hig/low angle
Tye of movement track, pan, tilt, zoom

Match on Action
Fade in and out
Flash between scenes
Ryhthem of cuts
Audio Bridges
Music changing per scene

What Makes a Film British

Whats Low Budget for America is High Buidget for Us

Woking Title
Were originally an Indie company started in 1985
Wish You were Here
My Beautiful Laundrett

Subsigery -eg Working Title and wt2 owned by other companies

Conglomirate- eg Universal Companies built up to make one large company

working with 30-50m at most

Ali G
opening scene 20%
had studio canal and universal possibly not british?
no problem therefore of export
American helicopters and police rap LA out of compton NDLA apeal to american audience
America vs British Saterical
real gang members
american stereotypes
English version then used Drum and Base "Bu Ya" used to appeal

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz is a film produced by Working Title. It is about a well know Police Officer in London who is reassigned to a quiet town called Sandford, he struggles with the crime-free town.Then when a few grisly accdients rock the village, it's not long before he's back in action.British Characteristics:-Less Explosions, special effects.-Comedy is a lot more witty and British 'based'.-Seems to be a lot more dialogue than huge explosions/action that you see in American films.-Pub centre of talk etc.-Not in a big setting, like a city.-Small number of extra's.

Mise en Scene and Editing in Sadaam

The text uses mise en scene to inform the reader through it’s signifiers. Firstly we see a room what signifies a home office because of it’s desk’s lamps and cushioned seats. The colours are warm reds browns and oranges which signifies exoticness, warmth and wealth. As we see the protagonist leaving the building he goes through a glass door again signifying wealth he has an accompanier who is wearing a suit which also signifies power and wealth. The protagonist is military connoted from his badges and green shirt but we can tell he’s Asian by the colour of his skin. It is night time the preferred reading of this is that they are escaping as we can tell from the signifiers they a walking quickly and it is night. The car is black and there are lots of shadows signifying the protagonist has a dark side or evil in some way. The verisimilitude of the reason for escape is anchored with the use of the flashes, smoking derelict car and uneven soil to signify war therefore the audience know something isn’t quite right. This scene is left polysemic as to the outcome of the protagonist to draw the readers attention. We begin the scene within the disequilibrium suggesting an equilibrium cam before it. We are then provided anchorage as to who the protagonist is meant to be by the use of the text. The producer juxtaposes a dark scene with a light scene. The next scene uses a glaring effect to signify heat and peace although signifies the binary opposites of peace and disorder with the use of the tanks, un even ground, rubble and smoke. The tanks, helicopters and smoke signify war and trouble a stereotypical view of the middle east as these signify. We see one shop window but the reflection is so great we can’t see through it which signifies hiding. The flowing costumes suggest a hot country along with the wavy air but the costumes also suggest hiding or hidden agenda’s. We can tell this is a country that uses Arabic writing by the use of it on the phone booth the use of a phone booth instead of a mobile signifies either the preferred reading of poverty or the negotiated reading of a past time period. The use of the golden poster of the protagonist as we saw in the last scene signifies he is the same character in this but in hiding as he’s not dressed the same it also signifies that he was once a ruler and like the text at the bottom of the screen which gives anchorage this provides a signifier for time has passed. As we see him in the phone booth the scene cuts to the lady signifying he is on the phone to her. The text uses the binary opposites male power and female abiding to juxtapose western and eastern power to signify conflict. The woman signifies western culture because of her dress her top is white which connotes innocence and her rings signify wealth. The producer uses the stereotype and present’s the woman with blonde hair and advertising her chest and bum through the camera to signify a primitive society by using our old fashioned views of woman instantly recognizable to the audience. However the countertype of a professional woman signifies this is still the modern day and Sadaam has power. We then see another contrast in scenes from this disrupted landscape to a natural idyllic landscape again signifying time has passed and a sense of lonliness as we see the boy swimming. The boy swimming signifies freedom but his freedom is upressed by the site of the protagonist. He has no possions visable but his clothing and is skinny signifying poverty a stereotypical divided view of the middle east by using the binary opposition of this with a chubbier more well dressed protagonist. The preferred reading therefore gets us to dislike the protagonist yet be compassionate with him by the use of close ups and showings of his relationships his bold black eyebrows signify evil a stereotypical view of middle eastern’s.

Representation of Ethnicity In Sadaam

1. Identify The Name of the Ethnic Group
Arab, Middle Eastern, Asia, Iraqi
NOT coloured or black

2. Binary Oposition/ Commutation Test
Look for binary oposites western, secular, wealth etc
Apply the commutation test how would it be portrayed if it were about Thais

3. Brainstorm the Stereotye
violent terrorist
religious fantaticism/ fundamentalist
backwords, non scientific/ rational
Paritriachal, misoggynist, women invisible
non cauacasian skin pigmentation

4. Evidence from the Text

Accent-nationality though they all speek english breaking versimilitude
C lothing- head covered robes
Uncovered western on phone and pair not wholely covered in background
Military Uniform- changes from loss of power
Head Scarf- emotionally closed inhuman
Boy naked- poverty
Gender-lack of women on street, sadam tough woman cries the only woman we hear speek
pverty- car wrecks shatered window president using pay phone contrat with Samira's room
Religion- little countertypical
Terrosit- No evidence
Violent- Americans are
CLass- male servant