Monday, 23 November 2009

Warp X

· Warp Films a sister company of Warp Records is the parent conglomerate while warp x is the subsidiary
· Madman Entertainment announced "a collaboration" with Warp Films#
· Warp Films was set up in 1999
· Warp X originally started as a branch out of Warp Records about 6-7 years ago in 2001
· My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117,
· Dead Man's Shoes £16,000 Paddy Considine won "Best British Actor" at the 2005 Empire Awards, beating, amongst others, Simon Pegg for Shaun of the Dead and Daniel Craig for Layer Cake
· This Is England Budget £1,500,000 Opening Weekend $18,430 (USA) (1 Screen) shows didn’t get the preferred reading of the film £207,676 (UK)) (62 Screens
· Come To Daddy peaked 36 in the singles chart
· Windowlicker music video Scummy Man Budget £60,000 ,
· "Grow Your Own" Opening Weekend £27,765,
· Donkey Punch Budget $3,000,000, Opening Weekend $4,744 (USA) (2 Screens) £144,953 (UK) 155 Screens) SEK 119,650 (Sweden) (9 Screens) Most of the budget would have gone on the Boat. The actors were most likely unheard of before, so they cost little. Which means the acting may have been sour, etc.unusually large budget ]
· The Taxidermist Budget £22,000
· Hush Budget £1,000,000
· Dog Altogether,
· All Tomorrow's Parties
· All Tomorrow's People
· A Complete History of My Sexual Failures
· Funded by UK Film Council Lottery, Optimum Releasing, Film 4, Screen Yorkshire, EM Media Budgets are usually between £400,000 - £800,000
· UKFC said "The New Cinema Fund is fundamentally about finding, nurturing and bringing on new and emerging talent to British audiences. This years Cannes has selected Andrea Arnold's debut feature film Red Road to be shown In main Competition on the heels of her Oscar®-winning short film Wasp which we supported through our Cinema Extreme shorts programme. Warp X has all the tools in place to continue to deliver unique British film talent
· A low budget film. No big American or Global actors or film crew. No special effects (Although not needed in This is England). The location is local to the company.
· The US film audience are very into British History/Culture. This may be one of the reasons why This Is England is much more successful in America than most British films, because the film is about British Culture. Also, Cultural films (aka Social Diversity Films) aren't huge or made alot in America, due to the Big 6 with their almighty 'Run, Gun and Explosion' (I made that up) films.
· Website includes trailers, job opportunities, information about them
· Warp films website includes playlists, news, events, releases, records, films, events, bleep, explore facebook and myspace page
· Small contains mainly short films and music videos, language is british, websites have to contain information because they’re not widely known.
· Amy Neil, Chris Morris, Aphex Twin, Chris Morris, China Moo, Shane Meadows;Paddy Considine

Warp Films:
1. Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee (2009)
2. The Taxidermist (2009) .
3. Four Lions (2009)
4. Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo (2008)
5. Crack Willow (2008)
6. "Fur TV" (2008)
7. The Archivist (2008)
8. Exhibit A (2007)
9. Dog Altogether (2007)
10. Grow Your Own (2007)
11. Dog's Mercury (2006)
12. This Is England (2006)
13. Scummy Man (2006)
14. Rubber Johnny (2005)
15. Dead Man's Shoes (2004)
16. My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 (2002)
Warp X:
1. Bunny and the Bull (2009)
2. She, a Chinese (2009)
3. All Tomorrow's Parties (2009)
4. Hush (2009)
5. Donkey Punch (2008)
6. A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008)
A low budget film. No big American or Global actors or film crew. No special effects (Although not needed in This is England). The location is local to the company.

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