Monday, 30 November 2009

Editing In Merlin

We see a range of editing techniques to evoke the proffered reading of the text. Firstly we see short takes to signify the scene is an action scene. They use audio bridges of the music and sound effects to connote this is the same scene. The take at them end of the scene where the protagonist is left with the armoury is left long so the audience have time to connote the proffered reading that he dislikes this It also juxtaposes the next scene which in comparison uses lots of action with the special effect of the magical cleaning. There is no audio bridge here because we have changed scene the editing creates bad versamilitude in the way it doesn’t show realistic time though it is chronological it cuts out time from him being at the tournament to him in bed this keeps audience interest. The special effects of the cleaning signify that this is a big budget production. We then ut time once more to him the courtyard then. In the castle we see shot reverse shot to see peoples actions and reactions we see a cut out show of arther to see him looking on a stereotypical male trate of jealousy. There is a match on action of him walking in the store room. Tension is signified by the use of long takes juxtaposed next to the short takes of the fight after. It also exaggerates how counter typical the protagonist is as a male in his non admirable dropping of the armour and how stereotypical the other character is. The fight uses lots of short takes to signify huflled action with audio bridges to relate the sound effects to the scene. We often cut out and cut back into the action using this narrative enigma creates tension and entices the audience into the scene.

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