Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Magic Heart

This film was to explore the therories of Todorov and Propp however since this was our second shoot we eventually did three for technical reasons and then took a lesson to save it and import it on the right programme to edit it. We eventually only editied it within 10 minutes hence it's quit rough. We were trying to apply a story that began with an equilibriam a problem and a new equilibriam. Our beggining equalibrium was not well enough establlished but our problem was the hypnotist charming the girl and our new equalibrium was when the hyponitist was dead and the false hero had taken credit for saving the princess but the princess was saved things werent quite the same. As for Propps therory we had the princsess as the girl being hypnotised, the villain was me with the braclett or magic heart, the hero was Dom who took the magic heart the magic object was the mirrorthe dispatcher and doner mary gives and the magic heart the mother was lucy and the false hero was steph who takes the magic object and claims victory to the mother. The mirror could have been made clearer mayby a close up to show it as a magic object. We showed narative enigma by showing the dead body at the end and not resolving the situation making the audience contemplate what the preffered reading might be and enthralling them. We added dialogue and sound to anchor the signifiers to navigate the audience to a preffered reading although text addes might have done this better and music. We had the binary opposites of male and female, powerfull and not powerfull, encompanied and lonely with the repressentation of youth, gender, hetrosexuality and disability in the pricesses in ability to have free will when hypnotised.

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