Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What Makes a Film British

Whats Low Budget for America is High Buidget for Us

Woking Title
Were originally an Indie company started in 1985
Wish You were Here
My Beautiful Laundrett

Subsigery -eg Working Title and wt2 owned by other companies

Conglomirate- eg Universal Companies built up to make one large company

working with 30-50m at most

Ali G
opening scene 20%
had studio canal and universal possibly not british?
no problem therefore of export
American helicopters and police rap LA out of compton NDLA apeal to american audience
America vs British Saterical
real gang members
american stereotypes
English version then used Drum and Base "Bu Ya" used to appeal

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz is a film produced by Working Title. It is about a well know Police Officer in London who is reassigned to a quiet town called Sandford, he struggles with the crime-free town.Then when a few grisly accdients rock the village, it's not long before he's back in action.British Characteristics:-Less Explosions, special effects.-Comedy is a lot more witty and British 'based'.-Seems to be a lot more dialogue than huge explosions/action that you see in American films.-Pub centre of talk etc.-Not in a big setting, like a city.-Small number of extra's.

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