Friday, 27 November 2009

Sound In Merlin

Sound is portrayed in many ways in Merlin. We begin with clashes a clasps of the fight this sound effect creates versamilitude. Men fighting is an aspect of the Male Stereotype. The music at this point is tense to signify to the audience that this is a gripping moment. We also hear shouting and cheering a primitive form of communication another aspect of the male audience as they mainly are. The only female in thwe audience is stereotypically dressed revealingly and seems to have little intrest in the fight wich is stereotypical. Next we hear diconcerning music as the men argue to signify tension and apprehension. One is stood infront of the other connoting he is in charge. The women in the castle are surrounded by men signifying male dominance the wealthier dressed woman signified from her eloboratye has a voice compared to the scruffily dressed woman signifying a peasant. They usethis binary opposition to signify the wealth divides therefore the time it was set. The wealthier woman speeks more flirtatiously therefore is more stereotypical than the other this representation signifies why she is confronted with a cue of men her stereotypicalness signifies that she therefore can have more than the counterstereotypical woman. The bells signify old fashioned perhaps in the past a stereotypical view of Britain which signifies this drama is made to sell to a wide audience. The sound effects such as the birds create versamilitude. The room the prtaganist enters is given ery music to signify something isn’t quite right we hear snake sound as wee see the snake the music becomes more ery to signify the snake is the causal of the badness. The shocking clash of the villains sorwd is used to frighten the audience. His clumsiness as he walks out the room rather than fighting back is countertypical. As we see the protaganist on his bed while the work is done round him chirpier more comical music is played to signify a happier moment in the text. The portrayal of the older male hasd long white hair which signifies mysteriosness the dialogue provides exposition that he is wise a stearoetypical view of age in the male gender. While the young male is lazy. As we see the next character heroic music is played to signify what he is about to do will be a stereotypical attitude to men. The fight music is fast to create tension but as we see other shots the music stops and instead we hear the crowds reaction to split up the seen and entise the audience in.

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