Sunday, 4 October 2009


signifier & signified
the signifier is the detail while the signified is the term that tells us when the detail has been put to it's meaning

denote & connote
denotation= description of what you see and hear
connotation= the meaning of these factual details

binary opposition
oposites in drama for example rich and poor when they're togother they're described as being juxtoposed

polysemic= many meanings
anchorage= fixed and precise meaning made with text or dialgue

commutation test
always consider what we don't see the choices the producers have rejected

preferred/contested/ opositional reading
texts or polysemic but we mainly consider what the producers want us to follow of course they are open to contest or oppositional readings it is usefull to highlight these if the text is poorly constructed.

narrative enigma
mysterious eliments within a text form this

intertextual reffrence
when one text reffers to another eg red tint = like james bond titles

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