Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Disability In UKTV Drama

All About me
(2004) a comedy starring Jasper Carrot and a charactre with cerebral palsy

The Story of Tracy Beaker finished 2006 childrens drama based on the books by Jacquelyn Wilson and a character with learning disabilities.

Phycoville (2009) a comedy involving a character with learning disabilities and a dwarf.

Doctor Who
a sci fi involves Davross and the leader of the cybermen as wheelchair users.

a continuing series involves the character Mr Jordan who through his brain tumor has speech and memory disabilities.

Grange Hill a children’s drama in 2003 it involved a character with asperges syndrome.

Byker Grove a children’s drama where the character played by Dec known by the double Ant and Dec went blind.

Little Britain a comedy involving the character pretending to be disabled Lou.

Robin Hood (2006-2007) the recent BBC adaptation didn’t include the blind character like in the film

Bionic Woman ITV drama (2007) A character who has a car accident and is near to death is given prosthetic bionic limbs, special eyesight and the ability to jump from building to building.

Bleak House (2007) a BBC literary drama involved the wheelchair user who used the phrase “shake me up judy!”.

Little Dorrit (2008) BBC Also involved a wheelchair using character.

Eastenders a soap where Ben Mitchell is a hard of hearing 10 year old.

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