Sunday, 4 October 2009

Doctor Who

Characters: doctor good, shakespear good stereotypical tudor both intelectual therfore stereotypical reflection of intelects, martha good although 2nd to the doctor female and black stereotype as second in controll, witches stereotypically bad. Large contrasts between bad and good help the audience to differentiat and know the story.

Narrative: ends happily, useing shakespear script to cast spells and end the world.

Seting familier backdrops: stereotypical tudor setting dirty, warm, globe theatre, smogy and dark.

Camerawork: extreem close ups witches face, long shots set to show set, mid shots and a two shot when both at window

Dialogue: racsim to martha comments on todays pc, jargon and suggestive single words

Music: chirpy, medieval, low notes when something evil was about to happen, trumpets for triumph and action

Icons that relate to genre: Sci fi golden light warm friendle colourfal, blue cold light somthing bad, make up, cgi effects, jargon, title sequence dramatic with tardis.

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