Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Film research

Richard atenborough
Eisabeth and picture polysemic
No massive stares
Not much text
Colourfull so typical in this sense
No tag line
Red Haired Protaganist
For film younger woman TV odler careased my man stereotypical
Woman on film in armour
48 teaser posters
Unknown lead Cate Blanchet Unkown Indian Director
Posters tough female character Helen Miron boob tube = male gaze
Teaser close ups soley on Blachett

Hides homersexual highlights comedy brave race issue
Trailer exaggerated bubling day glo not social rialism

Based on book sold different to uk and us
Co produced WT, Studio Cana & Little Bird
A conglomerate form 1 of the big 6 67% owned by universal
Homogenisation = same throughout the world conglomerates can’t cope
Distributed by Miramax Films
$26m budget T is England only $1.5m
$72m takeings cross over appeal
Used virgin atlantic make our butt look big
If miram
Bodyshop 282 stores
Coul receive texts from birdget
BBC ran singletons night
Audio Book
No artist details Americans owuldn’t know
US reshuffle soundtrack for audience
Either rz on own or between male co leads rz American so important
Ironic sexism ladish touch
UK dvd all about fame
US dvd all about Christmas
Cannot block from youtube

auteur theory = the director is the author
Not many female directors
Marketing BJD- tie insost/music videos fanproduced media/ user generated content
Tie Ins- offers and competitionsnromally disributer but WT do it BJD not include $10m spent on setting up tie in campaigns virgin atlantic
OST-official soundtrack cd
Hybrid genre- the rom com is designed to appeal to both men and women
Richard Dyer- we don’t just consume the fictional character but the actor as well

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